Buy The Most Exciting Android Enabled Tablets This Festive Season

It would not be wrong to say that our life is changing every day thanks to the break neck speed at which technology is advancing. Just when you think that a certain gadget is the perfect one for you and you save every penny to purchase it, another upgraded version of it will be launched in the market. And you get confused as to which one to go for. This is the case with every tech savvy people these days. You have to be on your toes to keep yourself up to date with every new invention that is taking place.

Some of the groundbreaking gadgets that vowed to change people’s lifestyle forever are the Tablet PC, the smartphones, the iPods and iPhones, Android, Flytouch and much more. They have set benchmarks in the technological arena and have brought the world in people’s palms. You are just a click away from your near and dear ones, hobbies have found an altogether different meaning from collecting stamps to playing games on your smartphones. You can avail everything from gold to apparel to cosmetics by just touching the screens of your phone. The world has indeed become a smaller place!

However, be sure of what you want to purchase because once you land up in a store, you are sure to get confused by the collection that will lie in front of you. First set your priorities right and then decide what you want to have in your device. If you are fond of multitasking, for instance, your best bet would be the tablet PC. Most of them operate on Android software which makes them a potent source of information as well as entertainment. They have everything that you can imagine and sometimes, applications which are even beyond your otherwise normal imagination. From browsing the internet, to sending mails, watching videos on YouTube, playing games, video calling, chatting with friends – you name it and you have it.

Again there is the Flytouch and Superpad which is the next generation 10.2-inch Android Tablet PCs. This pad tablet comes with the amazing NAND flash and DDR with a more fluid screen.

Also, GPS navigation is pre-installed and it also has the official Google android marketplace. What’s more, the Flytouch has a battery that is the biggest of them all with 6400mah of juice for browsing up to 4 long hours. This spectacular device also allows you to be conveniently in touch with your friends and family on Twitter and Facebook all day long. Moreover, it easily fits into your purse or backpack and can be carried around without any difficulty. You can also make use of multiple applications in your Flytouch and some are already inserted through the Android. Also, the touch screen is very user friendly and has a swiftness about it that saves a lot of effort.

The market for Tablet PC is growing by leaps and bounds and all major companies are capitalizing on this soaring popularity. Grab your Flytouch or Superpad this festive season and transcend yourself to a new world.

Android or iPhone: The Competition Is Still on!

The iPhone: The one and only

When people talk about features of the iPhone, they are referring to the iOS mobile platform. The speed of the software is great across the board and there has always been one iPhone even though we have several versions every year. One can just choose the storage that it boasts of: 16 GB to 64 GB.

The many looks of Android

Android is Google’s mobile operating system and many smartphones run on this platform. Android owners refer to their smartphones as a “Droid” even though the carriers differ from one another. Android phones are found of all shapes and sizes.

The App Store vs. the Android Market

Now this is the most important part that constitutes both platforms: apps. Apps are cited as the primary reason why people opt for smartphones these days. Apple’s App Store includes a huge list of downloadable games, tools and is the biggest market of apps in the world closely followed by Android. Apple is relatively strict in its choice of apps in the market and takes critical judgment of the apps that pass through its scanner. The App Store though is the king here.

Alternatively, Android emphasizes on “openness” and does not have a strict app approval process for its own app market. This is the main reason why malware cannot be fixed, but Android followers are happy about the approach.

The iPhone OS has been in the market for long now and hence boasts of good quality apps and more apps compared to Android market. But there are new apps being developed in both platforms and hence both iOS and Android have their own share of hits and misses.

iPhone vs. Android

A unique advantage with Android is its seamless integration with Google and its services. Everyone can benefit from Android’s superior native Gmail app. Google Maps feature in Android include Google’s Navigation, GPS navigation app for the car. On the whole, Android is a flexible OS which helps you to tweak some phone features if it bugs you. All simple settings can be controlled too. There are slick design and theme apps which can easily modify the look and feel of the smartphone.

But there is a huge issue of “fragmentation” with Android since there are multiple versions of Android available. The latest version of Android is 4.0 or Ice cream Sandwich but there are many new devices which are still running an old version of the OS. Additionally, phone manufacturers come up with their own “skins” which rests on top of the Android platform. These “skins” have their own look and own apps that cannot run on any other phone of any other manufacturer. Only the Galaxy Nexus offers a vanilla Android experience and are always first updated before any other smartphone.

Now coming to the iPhone advantage, Apple has always been able to offer the best possible experience for its customers and hence seamless experience is guaranteed on all levels. With its latest Retina display technology, iPhone has the best pixel-rich display in a phone and presents a superb UI for web browsing and multimedia. Apple’s FaceTime app makes video chatting seamless between Apple devices. Siri is the best phone assistant till date too.

The iPhone is less customizable which might be a huge turn-off for some users. Also there are problems with its support for 4G capability. This is a huge minus in terms of speed when Android 4G phones are around.

Cool Tips for Buying Android Tablets for Sale

Choosing the best android tablets for sale can often be a difficult choice as there are so many brands and models available in the market. It is advisable to do meticulous homework before you make the choice as you may be spending your hard earned money for the purchase and you may lose it if you make a wrong choice.

Before making the final choice, it is best to prepare a checklist so that you are able to compare the features, price and shortlist those that meet your specific needs and requirements. You should avoid rushing through the process as you may end up losing a lot of money if you make a wrong choice. The way you intend to use it partially determines the choice you make.

5 Cool tips for buying android tablets for sale

  1. Android operating specifics – Android operating systems is used by an android tablet and the different versions include Honeycomb, Jelly Bean and Ice cream sandwich. You need to understand that each version has performance variables and they are released depending on the device model number.
  2. Features – When buying the tablets for sale you need to ensure that you preinstall the Android software on the system, as it can be difficult to do so later. This can help you get access to features and applications such as Angry Birds, Google Books, Google Maps and Google Goggles. You can choose a tablet equipped with the features you want so that you are able to do any work you want easily. Opting for premium features may increase the overall cost of the tablet.
  3. Size – The size of the android tablets for sale is an important consideration that customers need to make depending on their personal choice. The available screen size of most devices is 7.0 and 10.0 inches and you need to understand that the difference is substantial and you should not underestimate it when making the choice. Before choosing the screen size, you need to ascertain the type of work you intent to do on the device.
  4. Processor – It is best to opt for a tablet that has a quad core processor so that the processing speed and performance increases significantly. If you play games on your device, you can opt for a GPU presence so that the quality of the graphics is enhanced.
  5. Warranty – it is best to choose devices that offer a warranty of at least a year. You need to avoid products that offer no or limited warranty. You can opt for an extended warranty provided by the manufacturer, as this can be useful when updating or customizing the device.

Budget plays a significant role when planning to buy android tablets for sale. For instance, the expensive models may have user-friendly features but you may not be able to afford them. Online shopping can help you look at the various models that are available within your budget. It is best to shop from reputed websites so that you are assured of the best service and support.